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    Working to HALT Gambling Harm for Tradies

    10 April 2024

    Victoria’s largest gambling support service, Gambler’s Help Southern, has teamed up with HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies) to launch a program aimed at reducing the impact of gambling harm in the fastest-growing group impacted by gambling – young men aged 18-25.

    Gambler’s Help Southern is a program of Better Health Network (BHN) that works to reduce gambling harm through free, confidential therapeutic and financial counselling services and community engagement projects.

    HALT is a national grass-roots suicide prevention charity focusing on educating and raising awareness for Tradies, blue-collar workers and apprentices.

    The joint initiative, HALT Gambling Harm, will see education and support services taken to where many of these young men are, literally putting ‘boots on the ground’ at worksites and trade schools to reduce the growing impact and financial losses caused by gambling on this group.

    Damian Ferrie, CEO of Better Health Network, said Australians lose more on gambling per person, than any other country in the world – with young men the fastest growing group impacted by these losses.

    “Unfortunately, we are seeing young men at the forefront of these losses, with the impact of gambling advertising, social norms to put on a bet and peer pressure combining to have a significant impact on this part of our community.”

    HALT co-founder, Jeremy Forbes, said HALT is excited to bring together their connection and understanding of apprentices and young tradies with Gambler’s Help Southern’s expertise of providing and encouraging support for those struggling with gambling related harm.

    “We at HALT hear and see issues around gambling harm on a daily basis at the building sites and TAFEs we visit and believe this initiative will help apprentices understand the impact of problem gambling and how to get help.”
    Gambling harm in Australia

    Australians lose more on gambling per person, than any other country in the world.
    Annually, Aussies spend more than $25 billion on gambling –compared with Alcohol $14.9b, Tobacco $6b and Illegal drugs $9.6b combined.

    Signs of someone being affected by gambling harm:
    ● Feeling pressure to place a bet before a game
    ● Feeling stressed, angry or guilty about money lost
    ● Feeling shame
    ● Struggling with mental health
    ● Needing to borrow money
    ● Keeping gambling a secret from friends, family and workmates
    ● Taking frustration out on family, friends and workmates
    ● Increased drug and alcohol use and dependency
    ● Relationship breakdowns

    Gambler’s Help Southern offers free, confidential support 03) 9575 5353.

    Better Health Network is a not-for-profit organisation providing a wide range of integrated health, disability and social support services to ensure better health and wellbeing for all people and communities.