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    Sandringham Dragons get with the program

    28 July 2015

    Sandringham dragonsOn Monday 29 June, senior club players and officials from the Sandringham Dragons attended a Gambling’s Not a Game education session after player training. The club recently joined the foundation’s Sporting Clubs program and adopted the Responsible Gambling Charter.

    Over 65 players and senior club officials took part in the session, including senior coach Jeremy Barnard and football and operation manager Craig Wallace. A venue support worker from Gambler’s Help Southern facilitated the session.

    A highlight of the session that prompted enthusiastic discussion was the story of Fight for the real you campaign participant Matt Torcasio’s journey and his achievements in the 100 Day Challenge. The session closed with the introduction of the club’s charter champions.

    ‘By having the club involved it will only help to create a responsible and healthy club environment’, said Barnard.

    Congratulations to the Sandringham Dragons on becoming one of the most recent sporting clubs to adopt the Responsible Gambling Charter and showing how important it is to promote responsible gambling behaviours.