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What to expect

Many people with gambling issues phone in feeling a sense of shame and guilt, they sometimes think asking for help is a further failure on their behalf. We would argue that this is a courageous move, we congratulate you for taking the first, most important step towards taking back control of your own life.

You are not alone.  Gambler’s Help Southern helpline operates 9am – 5pm weekdays. You can be assured of a confidential phone service run by qualified, professional counsellors.
During these hours your call will be answered by the first available counsellor who will:

  • Allow you to speak openly and freely
  • Listen without judgement to your needs
  • Ask some questions to determine the most appropriate course of action and specific support services you require.

You will be asked questions such as:

  • Your reasons for requiring the Gambler’s Help Southern service, i.e. In which way do you/or your loved one gamble and how often?
  • Past and present personal history
  • Current and past risk issues

The phone counsellor will make a booking for you to meet with a qualified counsellor face to face. Counsellors are available for the individual with the gambling issue, couples, families and young people affected.

Interpreting services are availableClick here for details of how to contact us if you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment.

What happens if I get the answering service?

Our centre receives around 20-30 calls for help every week. If you call outside of business hours or if all of our lines are busy, you will be forwarded to our voice messaging system, which is completely confidential and only accessible by Gambler’s Help Southern staff.

If you wish to receive a call back from the phone counsellor, you will be encouraged to leave a brief message including:

  • Your name
  • Contact number
  • Preferred time of call back
  • A brief message about the reason for your call

Our phone service:

  • Cannot guarantee a call-back at a prescribed time due to the number of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Will attempt to return your call as soon as possible within 24 hours (weekdays) 48 hours (weekends)
  • Will attempt to call back at least three times.

If you have limited or no capacity to receive return calls from us, please let us know – we encourage you to call us again.

You may wish to get the process started online by going to > Book Now on the left side of this page.

If you require immediate help and are having difficulty speaking to us directly, refer to:

  • Gambling Help Online
  • Gambler’s Help Line – 1800 858 858 (freecall, 24/7)
  • Lifeline – Crisis Support – 13 11 14 (freecall, 24/7)

What happens with phone messages?

Your message is confidential; our voicemail system is only accessed by Gambler’s Help Southern staff.

Our counsellors are mindful of the caller’s privacy and are discrete when returning calls. If someone other than you answers the phone, or if they get your message service, the Phone Counsellor will not disclose that they are calling from Gambler’s Help Southern.

What to expect after your first call to Gambler’s Help Southern?

You’re initial phone contact will be with a qualified counsellor through Gambler’s Help Southern Helpline. It is available for the individual with the gambling issue, couples, families and young people affected. This service is free and confidential, local and mobile phone call charges apply.

You will have the option to continue your counselling journey by booking an appointment to meet a qualified counsellor, face to face at one of our many South Eastern Melbourne and Peninsula regions. Many professional services are offered, namely face to face, and financial counselling and assistance connecting with allied health service professionals. The counsellor can meet with the individual gambler alone or with those affected by gambling harm.  Specialist counsellors can also facilitate group sessions for couples, families and friends.

You will be referred to your most convenient location, and assigned the best counsellor fitting your case requirements and specific needs. You have the ability to choose the location that best suits you and where possible your preference of a male or female counsellor.

One of Gambler’s Help Southern’s strengths is the variety of specalised skills and techniques employed by their professional counselling staff.

Help is not far away.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Gambler’s Help Southern operates from many locations across the South Eastern Melbourne and Peninsula regions. The days and hours of operation at these locations vary, as do the waiting times but usually you can attend within 2-3 weeks.

If you are flexible about your appointment time and/or location your appointment may be sooner. We are here to help and we aim to assist you as soon as possible.

What do I need for the first appointment?

You should allow 1½ hours for the first appointment (subsequent sessions are usually 1 hour long).

When you arrive for your appointment, please see the reception staff and let them know your name, the Counsellor you will be seeing and your appointment time.

At your first appointment, the Counsellor or Financial Counsellor will also:

  • provide you with information about your rights and responsibilities when receiving our services.
  • provide you with information about privacy and protection of your health and financial information
  • seek your consent to collect and use certain financial and health information in order to provide you with services.

For financial counselling appointments, please bring all relevant documents with you, such as:

  • Loan contracts
  • Debt statements, demands and bills
  • Letters from creditors
  • Details of social security and/or income from all sources

Can I get a letter of attendance for personal/sick leave?

To assist workers with using personal/sick leave from their employer, Gambler’s Help Southern staff based in health services can provide you with a “notice of attendance” for appointments.

These notices are on the letterhead of the health service where you attend the appointment (not Gambler’s Help Southern letterhead) and include the name and role of the Gambler’s Help Southern worker (e.g. Counsellor, Financial Counsellor). Workplace leave entitlements vary, so please check with your employer.

Gambler’s Help Southern shares regional boundaries with Gambler’s Help City, Gambler’s Help Eastern and Gambler’s Help Gippsland. For locations and hours of operation call Gambler’s Help on 1800 858 858

What if I can’t attend an appointment?

We understand that sometimes unavoidable situations come up meaning you cannot make an appointment. When this happens, as a courtesy, we’d ask that you let us know as soon as possible.  Please contact the relevant Gambler’s Help Southern worker directly to cancel and reschedule an appointment.