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    Help yourself

    If you’re looking to make a change to your gambling there’s a range of tools and information available to help.


    Set a time limit

    If you’re thinking about cutting back your gambling have a think about how much of your time you currently spend gambling. Try setting a time limit and once you’ve reached it get into the habit of walking away. Easier said than done, we know!  But small changes every day can add up.

    Set a money limit

    It’s easy to lose track of our spending, especially when you may be gambling using a bank card or through an online account and not physically handing over cash. Before you start to set your budget.  Keep an eye on your account and remember the extra dollar here and there can quickly add up.

    Find alternatives

    If you’re used to spending hours a week gambling then having a plan about how to use more free time when you’re trying to cut back or stop can be really helpful.  Have a think about what you enjoy and how it could help to replace your gambling.

    • A good place to start is visiting your Local Council’s website to see what activities, groups and programs may be available in your local area.
    • Have a think about your family and friends. Could you invest more time into your relationships and reconnect with people you care about.
    • If you’re looking for more support try the 100-day challenge – an online tool to support people who are looking to take a break, cut back or as the first step to stopping altogether. It helps you to shift your focus from gambling to other things and has the support from an online community from people who understand.

    Check with your bank

    Some banks have introduced gambling restrictions options on personal credit cards. The restrictions block gambling transactions including sports betting, lottery tickets and online gambling. Check with your bank if this option is available.

    Think about restricting your access

    Access to gambling is all around us, 24/7 online. But there are things you can do to restrict your access and help avoid the urge to gamble.

    Self-exclusion is a free service that allows you to choose venues or websites to be excluded from.  You can self – exclude from venues with pokie machines, Crown Casino, TAB and online sports betting sites. For more information about the different self-exclusion programs available and how to arrange a self-exclusion visit Gambler’s Help. Our counsellors can also provide information and support for clients looking to self-exclude.

    More tools and resources

    • Check out this Gambling calculator to see how much you’re really spending.
    • If you’re looking for support with managing your money and budgeting tools check out Money Smart.
    • For more information and resources to help you make a change visit Gambling Help online.

    Feel like talking?

    If you want to talk to someone we’re here to support you. Call us Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm to make a booking to speak with one of our qualified counsellor’s or book online.

    1800 858 858 (free call, 24/7)