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Financial counselling

Financial counselling provides services to people experiencing financial difficulties connected to gambling (their own gambling or someone else’s gambling).


The financial issues are often complex and can involve large amounts of debt. The overall goal is to assist in stabilising and improving the financial situation, and in doing so, support gambling behaviour change through the Gambler’s Help Southern counselling program.

Financial counselling interventions include:

  • assessment of financial situation
  • practical information about finances and debts
  • information about rights and responsibilities regarding such things as credit and loan contracts, mortgage and rent payments, social security entitlements, fines, utility bills, bankruptcy and asset protection for significant others
  • creditor negotiation and advocacy
  • referral to other organisations

Visit the Gambler’s Help website for tips and advice on Money Management.

What you will need to bring to your first financial counselling session:

  • Loan contracts
  • Debt statements, demands and bills
  • Letters from creditors
  • Details of social security and/or income from all sources

We will assist you to establish payment plans to help you work through your debt issues. Paying back debt could take months or years. We help you to realise how gambling is affecting your debt situation and the reality of how soon you can afford to pay it back, whilst getting your gambling under control. It’s important to realise that there is no quick fix to paying out your loans.

To make an appointment call 9575 5353.

Financial Counselling services are free, confidential and provided by qualified staff.