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Family and friends

It’s estimated for every person with a gambling issue there are 5 – 7 people negatively impacted.

If someone you know is experiencing issues with gambling, and it may be affecting you, help is available.

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Being concerned about someone’s gambling can be stressful and isolating. It can affect trust, relationships, self-esteem, health and finances. Whether you’re a friend, partner, family member or child, helping you is as important as helping the person you’re concerned about.

Professional counsellors with a range of different skill sets and counselling techniques are on hand to listen to your situation. Their aim is to help you understand what gambling means, how the negative cycle is affecting you and the gambler, and ways to preserve your own wellbeing.

Group Counselling Sessions

Counselling is available to anyone experiencing gambling-related harm – including the person who is gambling, their partner, family members or other people who are affected. One-to-one, couples, family and group counselling options are available. We have a range of specialist counsellors for different circumstances.  We provide a safe environment to facilitate guided couple or group discussions.  Listening to the harmful impacts of gambling in the words of loved ones can be a very powerful and effective tool.

Counselling is tailored to the needs of individuals and/or their families and may address:

  • Practical issues such as gambling cognitions, behaviour and relapse prevention.
  • Underlying issues including self-esteem, mental & physical health, grief & loss, relationship conflict and abuse.
  • Skill development in the areas of emotional expression, communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution and impulse control.

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Interpreting services are available. Click here for details of how to contact us if you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment.

Counselling services are free, confidential and provided by qualified staff.