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    Community Education

    Australia has the worst gambling culture in the world, it is so endemic in our culture; it’s a whole community concern and responsibility to actively engage in promoting responsible gambling, education and awareness.

    The gambling environment is changing fast; opportunities to gamble are all around us and advertising promotes it as a ‘normal’ pastime.

    Gambler’s Help Southern has a team of dedicated Community Educators ready to work with your community group, workplace, school or sports club to find a creative solution to gambling education that suits your setting.

    As a member of four Primary Care Partnerships we are eager to engage with community partners to promote responsible gambling practices.  Since gambling affects individuals, families, friends and whole communities, it’s relevant for everyone, whether or not they gamble themselves.

    Our key objectives are to:

    • Develop working relationships within the community and other stakeholders
    • Provide education sessions, increasing public knowledge about gambling-related harm
    • Promote responsible gambling practises
    • Improve community awareness of Gambler’s Help Southern’s services
    • Prevent gambling issues through awareness of the underlying causes.
    • Focus upon prevention, early intervention and responses to identified issues.
    • Empower communities to build on their own strengths and skills to improve their wellbeing.
    • Promote support services through printed materials such as posters and brochures
    • Encourage people to seek help

    Gambler’s Help Southern offers a range of gambling related printed materials such as posters and pamphlets for display in your venue. Contact us for more details.

    These programs are reinforced at a statewide level, via projects involving partnerships with other services in the Gambler’s Help network and activities such as policy development and broad communication campaigns.

    Phone the Gambler’s Help Southern helpline on 9575 5353 to see how a Community Educator can get involved with your group.