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Face to face counselling

You are not alone, it’s estimated 3% of people in Australia, that’s around 700,000 people have a gambling issue. The difference is you have decided to seek a way out of the gambling cycle. Gambler’s Help Southern is here to help.

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Counselling for gambling issues.

Gambling issues will affect different people in different ways. It may be defined as losing more than you can afford or when it impacts negatively on your ability to form and maintain positive relationships. For many people, gambling is just the presenting symptom, like the tip of an iceberg rather than the root issue. The real issue preceding the manifestation of gambling may seem totally unrelated and is often complex, it may even be triggered by a dysfunctional relationship or a past trauma.

The majority of clients don’t spend all of their time talking about gambling. Counselling can run for as long and as frequently as the client wishes, preferably once a week in the early stages.  Counselling is available to anyone experiencing gambling-related harm – including the person who is gambling, their partner, family members or others who are affected. One-to-one, couple, family and group counselling options are available.

Counselling is tailored to the needs of the individual and may explore:

  • Practical issues such as gambling cognitions, behavior and relapse prevention.
  • Underlying issues including self-esteem, mental & physical health, grief & loss, relationship conflict and abuse.
  • Skill development in the areas of emotional expression, communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution and impulse control.

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The Portfolio Program – Linking with specialist services

For some people, gambling issues may be one factor in complex personal and health problems. Mental health, drug and alcohol, family and relationship, youth and corrections problems often co-occur with gambling issues. Although they may come to Gambler’s Help for assistance with a gambling issue, they may end up seeking help for the other issues from linked services through the Portfolio Program.

The Portfolio Program develops links with organisations in specialist service sectors in order to offer flexible ways of addressing clients’ gambling issues within these settings.

Additional counselling

Counselling is available to anyone experiencing gambling-related harm – including the person who is gambling, their partner, family members, colleagues or friends. One-to-one, couple, family and group counselling options are available.

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Gambler’s Help provides free and confidential support to those affected by gambling issues with over 100 Gambler’s Help locations across Victoria, 24 hour phone line and online support.

If you are in the Gambler’s Help Southern region contact us on 9575 5353 during business hours. For assistance outside of these hours or within other regions, contact Gambler’s Help on 1800 858 858.