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    Meet a few of our staff

    Gretta – Counsellor

    I am always touched by people’s stories upon their first contact with Gambler’s Help Southern. With gambling harm an often stigmatised issue in our community, it can feel very isolating for people experiencing problems.

    I work with individuals, couples and families. I hope that people I work with find me non-judgmental and open to really listening and getting to know them in order to work towards change. I endeavour to be responsive to their presenting needs, while often incorporating an ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (ACT) approach. This approach utilises mindfulness to increase awareness and effective management of difficult thoughts, feelings and sensations. It also supports people to connect with their values and ‘choice points’, to become more intentional in choices towards the person they want to be.

    Though it can be daunting to sit and talk about ourselves, I strongly believe that change is very difficult without gaining some awareness of our own thoughts, emotions and habits. A good counselling relationship can provide a space to be supported while working through difficulties, often leading to improved life satisfaction, relationships and wellbeing.

    I feel really privileged to get to work with people presenting with a diverse range of issues and experiences. It’s always so rewarding to share in the process of clients gaining significant insight into their past and present difficulties, and developing skills to change their lives.

    Elissa – Counsellor

    I work with people who are worried about their own gambling habits, or the gambling habits of a loved one.

    Taking the first step to seek help is hard but coming along to speak to someone is often helpful in making a connection that offers hope for the future.

    When someone is seeking help with their gambling issues, I offer them time and space to consider the role gambling is playing in their life.  We question, how it is impacting on work, day to day living and relationships in order to help them consider what is possible.

    Gambling harm counselling gives me the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people; bear witness to client struggles and celebrate triumphs.

    It’s very satisfying when clients report some change for the better or when they find a voice to speak about something they have struggled with.

    Robin – Counsellor

    I bring with me extensive experience in a diverse background of work with a range of training and strategies to work with individuals, couples and families in my role at Gambler’s Help Southern.

    I work as a Therapeutic Counsellor with individuals, couples and families experiencing problem gambling. I have worked with people to overcome gambling in their lives since 2001.

    Gambler’s Help Southern provides a safe space for people to sit and we can think together about what’s going on for them, what can change and how they can start that journey.

    Often I’m seen as the last port of call for people who have tried to independently make a change and often feel quite defeated by this problem of gambling. It is important to ‘hold the hope’ for people; to be able to think about what is going on for them and realise they can find a way out of this dark, murky and seemingly overpowering place in their life.

    I offer knowledge around the nature of gambling, how it impacts on people and strategies for change. People often make a change in steps and it may take more than one go to get to the place you want to be in your life.

    In this role, I work alongside people experiencing pain, struggle and questioning what is of value to them. We work together for as long as needed to overcome their gambling issues and they feel more in control of how they want to be in their life.

    I know that our help is working when people are able to think about what is happening for them and make choices in their life they are satisfied with. When they have put the gambling behind them and are embracing more of who they are in their life.