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Take the self assessment quiz

  • Is gambling becoming a problem for you?

    if you are worried about your gambling you can use
    this quiz to find out if it is becoming a problem.

  • Scoring

    For each question there are four possible responses:

    Never (score 0)
    Sometimes (score 1)
    Most of the time (score 2)
    Almost always (score 3)

  • Think about the last 12 months

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Take the self assessment quiz - part2

  • What does your score mean?

    0 You experience no issues with gambling. However, keep an eye on your gambling so it does not become a problem in the future.
    1-2 A low-risk gambler - You experience few, if any issues with gambling. However, keep an eye on your gambling so it does not become a problem in the future.
    3-7 A moderate-risk gambler - You experience few, if any issues with gambling. Now is the time to take a practical step to ensure your gambling remains under control. Contact Gambler's Help Southern
    8+ A high-risk gambler - There are many way to get help. For immediate help call 9575 5353 or after hours on 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au. It's free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • This Quiz is based on the problem Gambling Severity Index, part of the Canadian Problem Gambling Index and is a reliable measure of problem gambling.

Professional resources

Gambler’s Health Southern offers specialist Provider Education services for health and welfare professionals.

Health, community and welfare professionals are likely to encounter individuals and families impacted by gambling issues. We encourage you to call us for further information, education and guidance regarding information on gambling and referrals assistance for those harmed by gambling.

Gambler’s Health Southern’s helpline can assist professionals with advice and guidance in referring a gambler or someone affected by gambling harm.

The range of relevant professionals may include:

  • General Practitioners
  • Primary and allied health providers
  • Professionals in the community welfare and justice systems.

The program aims to increase the capacity of professionals to identify and provide appropriate responses to people experiencing gambling related harm when they present to other organisations. Provider Education services include provision of information and resources, training and secondary consultation.

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s Professional Development Centre supports the training and professional development of clinicians who provide problem gambling treatment services in Victoria.

It provides information, guidance and resources to help professionals identify and respond to gambling issues amongst their client group.

It includes sections on:

  • Common signs of gambling issues
  • Strategies matched to stages of change
  • Co-presenting issues
  • Resource kits and other materials
  • Questioning techniques
  • Research
  • Counselling techniques